What We Do

Study Missions

  • GEO encourages our members to learn from the best practices prevalent in member industries with organising study missions to these companies to learn the good practices being followed.

Research Study

  • GEO understakes research on various issues like multiskilled approach, labour mobility, change in organisational structure, right sizing, diversifying modes of employment, work-from home impact. The studies throw up broad based data which is compiled to help the various stakeholders in the strategy, decision making process.

AIOE National Award

  • GEO collaborates with All India Organisation of Employers (AlOE) New Delhi for their National Award for Outstanding Industrial Relations. GEO supports AIOE to receive, recommend applications for these awards from the entire western region comprising of five states. GEO’s jury shortlists companies for the regional rounds and these companies then go on to make their presentations and pitch for the national awards which are held in New Delhi.