What We Do


  • GEO provides support to members needs for skilling / reskilling & upskilling the workforce with certificate courses, training programs, single & multiday workshops.

Structured Training

  • GEO assists its members to develop and train the employees through various structured training modules. The programs are designed to be industry specific. Thus equipping employees to adapt to new challenges & helping them match the organizational objectives.

Mega HR/IR Events

  • GEO keeps our members abreast with the latest developments and emerging futuristic trends in the HR & IR fraternity with organising our flagship events like HR Convention & IR Conclaves.

National/International Perspective

  • GEO organises Seminars, Talks in the fields of HR & IR and aimed to expose members to the alternate worldview, keep them abreast with the current emergent trends in management and, help them to understand and devise the strategy for the future.


  • GEO works with local educational institutions and has penned memorandum of understanding (MOUs) to work closely with them to ensure that all stake holders benefit and the employability and employment increases substantially for a win win situation.