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Wednesday, 24th April 2024

One Day MDP On Supervisory Development Program For Front Line Managers


People generally behave in line with what they know. Hence, if people knew a better way to behave, they would be already doing it. Same way, most supervisors are already supervising in the way they know how. They want to be good and effective, but the challenge is in the lack of knowledge and skills in alternative strategies plus lack of objective insight in to the consequences of their current behavior. This workshop offers participants opportunities for self- discoveries and learning ways to become apt in delivering the bottom-line expectations of the organisation in a productive and meaningful manner.


  • To sensitize participants to take ownership & responsibility of their duties
  • To help them in becoming self-disciplined
  • To reduce their over dependence on their managers/superiors
  • To make them realize importance of team work and to help them become a sensible team mate instead of passing the blame to others.

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Member Fees Per Seat: Rs. 2124

Non Member Fees Per Seat : Rs. 2596

Student Fees Per Seat : Rs. Free