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Saturday, 29th January 2022

12th HR Convention: The Big Reset - Work, Workforce, Workplace

The Big Reset – Work, Workforce, Workplace
The World as we knew it to be was all set to reset in the period leading to March of 2020. The vice like grip of COVID19 was tightening and we were looking at a global pandemic the likes of which was never experienced before. A Crisis of the Human Race evolved as we faced an uncertain future. History shows, however, that whenever the human race has faced a problem of existence we have re-invented our ways to survive and bounce back.
WE changed our habits, systems and processes to overcome and sustain. Our businesses, like us, have also gone through a sea change. Established norms, practices and processes at the workplace have become redundant and new normals established.  The three “W”s went through  multiple revisions, many policy changes constantly adopting the new change.
Every business has a story to tell about the changes in the three “W”s- (Work, Workforce and Workplace) the three pillars of any business during the last 2 years. The changes taking place are not complete yet. On the contrary, it is just beginning. To survive in this dynamic business environment, businesses of all nature from Individual entrepreneur to large organisations have adopted a different approach to 3W to ensure continuity & sustainability. We see lots more coming and work has already been started on the same by companies.
We adapted new practices within a new framework in evolving strategies and accelerated implementations. 
In ‘Work’ we reinvented the Enablement approach which redesigned the workflows at plant and the role of the 3Cs (i.e. CEO, CHRO and CIO) to work in tandem to achieve the objectives. 
In ‘Workforce’ we transformed the roles, organisation structure, employee competencies. Value addition was done in managing the employee life cycle and give them the empowering experience to leverage their potential to its fullest extent. 
In ‘Workplace’ technology was used to drive in newer methods to create winning culture, 
Transforming approach of HR’s Role towards an Organisation to make it crisis proof is the core of this HR Convention. Thus, we hope to make this a Path Finder especially for all the HR members and their organisations, 
How efficiently and effectively we have created a culture together in futuristic Big Transformation and what more is required to address in HR and the Organisation. The Theme of this Convention therefore, is The Big Reset – Work, Workforce, Workplace. 

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Member Fees Per Seat: Rs. Free

Non Member Fees Per Seat : Rs. 750

Student Fees Per Seat : Rs. Free